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web2.0 websiteWe6 is based in the Canterbury area of Kent and has been involved in web design and the development of websites and intranet sites for well over 10 years. We have well-established and up-to-date experience and skills in this rapidly changing area.

Whether it is in the design and development of a new web site, the re-launch or upgrade of an existing website or any web-related task, we would be pleased to provide advice on how we can assist you to meet the challenge. Please contact us for an obligation-free estimate.


b1Static Websites


static website

Static websites are the simplest and least expensive sites, and they tend to be very robust as there is not a great deal to go wrong. However, if the content has to be changed frequently, this type of site can be time-consuming and costly to maintain.

If you just need an initial point of contact for your organisation to show what you do, a single page website may be all you need.

Features such as order forms, membership application, newsletter enrolment and e-mail enquiries are available for static sites, but for a more interactive user-experience, a dynamic site may be more suitable.


b1Simple Updateable Websites


updateable website

If your website content is likely to change frequently (eg contains items such as news, offers, products, prices) a dynamic site may be more cost-effective.

There are many different types - a website can be designed for use with packages such as Macromedia Contribute, which allows you to change pre-defined content on your website yourself through a simple interface. This is well suited for updating text, prices, pictures etc and allows the update costs to be minimised. Alternatively, we can carry out your updates immediately.


b1Dynamic (Data Driven) Websites


dynamic websiteIf your website contains a complex product range, or collects a lot of data from visitors to your website, a database-driven site may be required.

This usually involves building a custom interface for interaction with the database via the chosen scripting language.

Web2.0 type websites tend to involve a lot of user interaction and we go into some detail in a separate page, selectable from the menu on the left.



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