Standard Website Packages

b1Standard Website Packages


standard web packages

Arguably, all websites are unique creations, which makes formulating standard packages (and prices) a difficult task.

Although large or complex projects usually have to be considered individually, we have created a number of standardised packages which equate to different levels of complexity and cost. These should be taken as a guideline only, as we do appreciate the need for flexibility that individual needs require. The final Add-Ons section below displays a selection of features that can be incorporated into any of the packages.


b1Level 1 - Basic Static Website Packages



Single Page Website - one web page containing basic information. The most inexpensive way to get onto the web, giving you a web address and a focus for your organisation.

Basic Multi-Page Website - up to a maximum of six pages, each with a standard layout (header, main content footer). Includes a menu for navigation between pages. Allows you to divide your website content into discrete areas. Could include items such as images, descriptions of your organisation and your products/services, maps, contact information, history etc.


b1Level 2 - Owner-Updateable Website Packages


owner updateable

This type of website has a built-in interface that allows the website owner to make updates to specified areas of the site.

The updates are made by the website owner over the internet via an integrated package such as Macromedia Contribute, or else via a custom-built interface


b1Level 3 - Interactive Website Packages



This type of website can contain interactive features such as chat rooms, bulletin boards or booking systems.

Once built, these websites are typically administered and regulated by the owner


b1Level 4 - Database Driven Website Packages



If your website will contain features such as a complex or constantly changing product range, or is geared to collecting data from visitors to your website, a database-driven site may be required.

This usually involves building a custom user interface for interaction with the database using the chosen scripting language.


b1Level 5 - Web2.0 Type Packages



If you require a web2.0 based website (see Web2.0 section for details), we can build a customised interface designed and coded for your exact requirements.


b1Multimedia Websites



If you require multimedia elements such as sound, online games or video, or even large files to be downloaded, specialised web hosting may be required with a large bandwidth capacity. This allows multiple users to simultaneously download these at a reasonable speed.

If you wish to make extensive use of animated graphics in the website, Macromedia Flash may be suitable.


b1Add On's


add ons

The following are examples of features that can be added to any of the packages shown above:-

b1Visitor's Books
b1Auto-Email Forms
b1Search Facilities
b1Data Feeds



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